Sunday, January 20, 2008

The big 2-5

So, I had a birthday on the 12th. It was not the most wonderful amazing birthday ever because we happened to be driving back from Utah that day. It was still fun though because when I got home my hubby had a bouquet of roses, a card, balloons, and a lovely gift for me. He is so sweet and wonderful! We ordered pizza and had chocolate cake and that was about it. The next day we had a family dinner on the Hatch side since it's also Mark's aunt Judy's birthday and his Grandma's on the 13th. That was really fun and it was great to see most of the family. I married into the best family ever, I must say. I wish everyone could have such great in-laws as I have!
Judy, Grandma, and me on our birthday weekend.

Wiped out from writing the card. Just kidding...he was sick. :-(

That's it for now, folks. Ta ta.


Bryant + Stephanie said...

Happy belated Birthday. Hey how did Mark do on his LSAT? I never did what's the plan?? Did your house ever get rented out? We really need to get together and catch up!

the terrys said...

happy belated birthday too! how sad, i didn't have any idea when your birthday was! anyway, you're looking really good! i'm getting nervous about turning 25- ah!