Sunday, May 8, 2011


Better late than never! Just a few pics from our Easter fun. We try to separate the Easter Bunny, chicks, eggs, etc from the real meaning of Easter by having "Spring Day" the day before Easter. That's when the kids hunt for eggs and all that. Easter is a regular Sunday without all that fluff. (except leftover candy).
We visited a nearby feed store to check out the baby chicks. They were soooo cute! Too bad they grow into chickens. We would have loved to take one home!

The primary Easter egg hunt. This was not exactly as fun as my girls expected. First of all, they got totally scared by everyone running off, so both started crying. I was telling them to hurry and get some eggs, but they both wanted me with them. The junior primary (ages 3-7) section was in a different place than the nursery (age 18mo-3) so I couldn't go with both girls. Another mom came and got Natalie and took her out with her son while I tried to persuade Hannah to pick up the eggs she saw (she didn't realize there was candy inside yet). By the time Natalie got there, the eggs were all taken! So she cried some more. But never fear, some kids got way too many and shared theirs with her. THEN, the candy inside was all hard, round candy that I don't give to my kids, especially not at a park where they are running around excitedly with friends. Natalie had an almost choking moment and refused to eat any more, so basically they didn't even get any candy out of it. Oh well.
Us trying to look happy after the traumatic experience.
Later on we had a hunt at my mom's house. These pics are out of order for some reason, sorry.
This handsome young man (my nephew Tommy) was celebrating his first birthday that day and much to his mother's chagrin, got chocolate all over his clothes.
Kids looking at baby chicks.

We were running late-ish on Easter Sunday, so this is the best shot I got of me and the girls. I used a tripod and the timer cuz Mark was getting ready still. Poor Han only got half her face in. Oops!

It was a delightful season. We did a fun egg activity (no pics) where we hard boiled some eggs, then set them on an inverted water bottle lid to hold them up. After it was dry we colored some designs with crayons on them. The hot eggs melted the wax upon contact with the eggs, and made for some fun coloring. Will definitely do this again!


Mike and Meg said...

What cute pictures. Your girls are growing up.