Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas on the West Side

We drove over to the west side of the valley (about an hour's drive) to visit Mark's dad and stepmom Audrey on Saturday. They have a dog, Neeko, who Natalie LOVED. She kept saying "ruff ruff" and panted like a dog. Here is a picture of her delight.

Unfortunately Natalie had a blow-out diaper while we were there, and since I wasn't expecting a diarrhea episode, I didn't pack any extra clothes. Here she is in her half-nakedness. Don't judge her jacket's button job.
Don't worry, we had a blanket which kept her warm on the way out to the car and on the way home.
It was a fun evening. We visited, exchanged presents, and listened to some great music. The lasagna dinner was delish. Thanks you guys!