Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello Family

Well, we are officially living with my family now. They are so nice to take us in. It has been pretty fun so far. The best part is that there is usually someone nearby to watch Natalie if I need to run upstairs, go to the bathroom, or unpack stuff. Today was a day of organizing and rearranging. Natalie took two really long naps so I made lots of progress. She was up last night from 1-5am so we were a little tired today...yawn. After repeated and failed attempts at lowering her into her crib while remaining asleep, I finally resorted to going downstairs to let her play while I ate a snack and watched Discovery Health. Just my luck, there was a show about a woman giving birth. Love those things. There was also a little clip of an upcoming show about a little boy from Russia getting adopted and the sight of him running to his new parents with this huge smile on his face made me get all weepy and teary. Natalie looked at me kinda funny and was like, "bee bee?" (baby) and I was like "yes, that's a baby." Oh, what a mushy mommy I've become! Anyway, like all bad nights, that one ended and we all ended up sleeping again. Whew.

Tonight we had a family Christmas party on my dad's side. It was really fun and Natalie got to see Santa ("dah-ta") in real life for the first time. She was so cute and didn't even cry! She just looked at him all curiously. I'll post some pics as soon as the camera batteries finish charging.

Well, I'm just rambling, because sometimes I get in a typing mood and I just love to type! Especially since I just trimmed my fingernails and my fingers hit the keys so nicely. haha, it's late....goodnight.


Emster said...

Alisa!!! CUTE pictures!! It's hard to believe how big she has gotten. She looks like a toddler now and so much like her dad. And those beautiful brown eyes like yours. WOW! It looks like you guys had a fun christmas. And I didnt realize that you had already moved. I'm glad you survived. I bet your mom is just over joyed to have her little grandbaby there. Love you tons!! EM
PS Yes, i FINALLY got my own blog and yes it was easy just like you said :)