Sunday, March 1, 2009

A fun place

A couple of weeks ago we heard the the Children's Museum of Phoenix was having a free admission day so Shamrock Farms could promote a new children's milk product. We jumped at the opportunity and had a FUN time. It was awesome, even for me! Natalie had such a blast. Here are some pics:

The pretend kitchen. Here Natalie is making a pancake. She said, "mommy, it's really HOT!"

Fake water. It's made of a bunch of ball-chain things.

A supermarket. This was so cute. We could have spent HOURS in here, except that it was so crowded and all the kids were waiting for a turn with a shopping cart.

Now she's a checker.

Don't you wish there was something like this to play with when you were a kid?

And my personal favorite (as you can tell from the look on my face) was this sea of pool noodles. Here we are pretending we're Nemo and his dad going in and out of the anemone. It was fun until Natalie got plowed over by a running big kid. Can't even see anyone in there until you are right next to them. It was still so fun!

This was the toddler room, complete with baby dolls to play with.

Hannah had a great time with Grandma Barnes. She came along to help, since Mark was at home studying as usual. It was so nice to not worry about two kids! Hannah even fell asleep and had a nice long nap in Grandma's arms. Thanks mom!

Elmo and Grover were there too. Natalie was too terrified to get close, so we just waved and took pictures from afar.
We will totally go there again! Probably on a weekday in the morning so it's not as crowded. It was so cute and clever on all aspects.


The Collettes said...

Thanks for coming it was so fun!