Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Post

We had a great Easter. Natalie and I went to the Easter Pageant a few days ago, so it was fresh in her mind when we talked about the Savior and His resurrection. It was a busy day, but overall enjoyable and fun. Here are some pics:
This is the best pic we got of the girls together. It's almost impossible to get a good one since we have to "offer incentives" (not bribe, haha) to Natalie to even get her to hold still and look at the camera and Hannah doesn't enjoy being held by wiggly big sister. So we settled for the choke-hold look. I still think they look adorable!!
Our little family. I love having little girls on Easter Sunday with their cute dresses and flowers.

One I edited.

We tried to get one of the three granddaughters together. Ha. Hannah is on Brooklyn's lap since her dress covered more of the scratchy grass. B didn't know how to hold her, so she just laid back. We were all laughing so hard.
Another edited shot of beautiful Brooklyn. I still need to photoshop (I used Picasa for convenience purposes) her nose clean from the strawberry remnants. Sorry, Mel.

We did have a little easter egg hunt at the park for the girls. Here's Brooklyn (my sister's daughter, in case anyone's wondering).

She has the hang of it this year. Last year she just wandered around.
Enjoying their spoils. Natalie even shared some with mommy. :-)
In other news, I'm still going strong on emerg prep. I purchased a solar oven (in case there's no electricity) so be prepared for some posts about that once I get it and start practicing cooking using the never ending supply of sunshine we have in Arizona!


Katie said...

That picture of Hannah laying on Brooklyn is hilarious.

The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

They all look so beautiful! And I love their Easter colors! So Pretty!!

Melanie said...

Oh I want some of these pictures! I kind of like that strawberry nose, for blogging purposes :) So cute. I envy your camera.