Friday, April 10, 2009

Emergency Preparedness

Don't start yawning yet. I know we have heard this over and over, but I'm getting serious with it. I just read this series by Chris Stewart:

and it scared me about being prepared for an emergency. I won't give it away, but it's worth the read. This man must be extremely intelligent to write something like this. Amazing.
Anyway, then today I came across this about the possibility of a pandemic. And I printed it all out. I decided that if something were to happen that my family had to survive for a few months without leaving the house I would be kicking myself for spending so much time reading blogs/blogging and not enough organizing and collecting preparedness stuff. So my dear readers, I will not be blogging as much for a while. I know journal keeping is important so I still will do some writing, but whenever I can I will try to work on my 3 month supply instead of reading/commenting on other peoples' blogs.