Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some recent Natalie-isms

Well now that my child can talk, we are a lot more entertained by Natalie than before (is that possible?). Here are some recent sayings. They are usually funny because they sound so adult-like coming from a small child it just doesn't match up right!

[said while I was using the restroom and Hannah was playing in the bedroom] "Hannah's having some trouble playing with that toy. I go check on her and then I'll come back in here."

[at dinner] "What a yummy dinner this is!"

[same dinner looking out the window] "What a beautiful day it is outside!"

[looking at the cover of a child development book which shows naked babies from the back] "This baby has a really nice bum."

[while eating a Peep at Easter after eating all the sugar part off] "Now I'm eating the part that's soft and comfy."


Maggiehovey said...

your sister has a beautiful family. i wish Zeke spoke better, but I wait. The other night he said what was probably the longest audible sentence ever, which was, "Mom, where'd the moon go?" 'Moon' can either mean moon or spoon. In this context, he wondered what had happened to his spoon-or rather, his fork, but he refuses to call it such.
Natalie is a sweetie.

Stock Family said...

LOL! I just love what comes out of kids' mouths. They are too precious! Hannah is getting so big!