Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random happenings

Here are some random pics of my girlies.

Hannah fell asleep like this after nursing (she only nurses lying down) so I snapped a pic before putting her in her pack n' play.

I thought this was a hilarious view of Natalie's feet.

Mom took Natalie and Brooklyn to a splash pad/playground while we were taking pics of Chloe (see post below). They had tons of fun.

I made some pizza dough and gave her her own little blob to roll. Just like Caillou (she's obsessed). It was fun.
I wouldn't recommend the Crayola animal shaped "markers" that toddlers hold in their fists to color. It's more like liquid paint coming out and she can never quite press down on just the point to make it draw. Invest in the crayons instead. Plus she might think it's lipstick and smear it on her mouth.
Our neighbor's cat had kittens so we went to play with them the other day. They all took a turn nursing, and I could totally relate to that momma cat (of course I only have one though). Natalie knew exactly what she was doing!
That's it for now. Please visit my photography blog!


Maggiehovey said...

Thanks for the storage tip. I like your photography blog.
She digs Caillou, huh? I cannot stand that program, personally!

Great pictures, Alisa.