Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our garden

We got a garden back in April. Isn't it lovely? I know what you're thinking. But it doesn't look like a normal garden! It's called a bucket garden. You can read more on the site if you want, but basically a man named Ted Hallett who has grown all the organic produce for the major local grocery stores for the past 38 years has taken his growing system and adapted it for the home gardener. He feels it's his mission in life to help everyone become a successful gardener.

I first heard about it when I went to a stake workshop on square foot gardening, and they talked about the bucket garden instead. There is a process to get one that includes volunteering at others' garden installations before you can get yours. It helps you learn about it before you actually begin, and it makes the process go lots faster.
We had lots of volunteers. Some we knew, some we didn't. The installation took about half an hour.

Some volunteers learning how to install the irrigation system. It waters 4 times daily for one minute each time.

And look! Stuff is growing. This is cantaloupe and...spinach? You may notice that the planting medium is sand. Yep, just like at the playground. But not. It's actually bedding sand which has a certain percentage of clay which holds the water all day. The bags also have holes in the sides which provide oxygen to the roots.

Carrots. We've had a few issues along the way, but we are getting there. I keep telling myself that gardening is a skill that takes practice, just like anything else. Next step-try to pollenate the blossoms myself! I don't think the bees are doing their job...the blossoms keep dying. I really want to actually harvest something!


Jenna said...

I need to pick your brain about this. We have a very teensie side yard and I want a garden so bad. This seems like an awesome idea. E-mail me all about it --