Friday, November 4, 2011

The fair!

We went to the fair today! Yes, I am blogging. Be amazed.
First we went to the butterfly exhibit. There were hundreds of monarch and painted lady butterflies all over and we tempted some with a q-tip dipped in sugar water so they would come near.

Natalie was very brave and loved holding the butterflies. But only on the q-tip.
Hannah, on the other hand, got the heebie jeebies about them and freaked out if they came near. She got one on her shirt and was not a big fan.

Hannah was ok with the caterpillars though.
We loved seeing the monarch caterpillars! Emily really wanted to grab them.

We let the girls choose one treat. They chose cotton candy.
They loved it but were done after a couple of handfuls. {yessss}

Emily got sweet potatoes. Jealous much?
Their favorite spot was the Toddler zone place. It was in a cool, quiet room with bouncy pads, a hale bay maze, scooter things, and sand to dig in. We probably spent an hour or more here. It was a favorite of all, including Emily.

We hit the carousel on the way out and called it a day!

I got Em to sleep in the sling for a while in the quiet of the gallery of art/photography.
Nice quiet trip home.

For some reason this pic is out of order but here ya go. This was on a bumblebee ride. They were so brave and cute!

Overall it was a very fun day. Mark got to take work off and go with us. It was so much better than last year, let me tell you! The weather was beautiful and breezy and I had lots of energy. It was really relaxing and fun for me to browse through the art and photography. Till next year!


Emily said...

Looks like a great time! You were able to capture some great pictures. Look like it was a little less traumatic than last year :)