Sunday, November 13, 2011

My little school girl

 Natalie started preschool this fall. Her teacher is Mark's aunt Judy who teaches out of her home in a little classroom that has been added on to the house. Natalie LOVES it and has progressed so far already. She is acting more like a big kid and I can tell is learning more about interacting with other kids.

 Each morning she gets the apple with her name on it and puts it on the Learning Tree.

 Then she puts her backpack on the hook and sits down at the table to "warm up her brain" with activities like puzzles.
Her class had a little Halloween program. They got to wear their costumes and sing the cutest little Halloween songs. It was so cute I almost died. My camera ran out of battery halfway through but my sister Mel saved me and got hers out of her car. So fun!