Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fun at the park

Natalie and I take a walk to the park pretty much every day now that the weather is so beautiful and cool. Natalie loves the stroller and can't get enough of looking at all the houses, cars, trucks, trees, butterflies, birds, you name it. Sometimes while we walk I'll say "wheeee!" and Natalie will imitate me and say "eeeee" at the exact same pitch. It's so cute. Anyway the other day we went to the park and I helped her go down the slide a couple of times, then she wanted to crawl around. After a little of that I let her hold my fingers and walk around, and boy what a surprise she got when she got to the sand and her little foot sunk right in! She plopped right down and started grabbing handfuls of it and dropping it. I was afraid she would put it in her mouth, but nope. She only wanted to do that with a little rock she found. Don't worry, I didn't let her eat it. I took some cute pics. Enjoy!


the terrys said...

how cute! me and daphne frequent the park as well :-)