Saturday, October 6, 2007

She walked!

I would like to announce that yesterday Natalie took her first steps! She took two all on her own. I was watching Natalie and Brooklyn play on the floor (we are in Utah this week) and I looked down and Natalie was standing up. As I was vaguely wondering how she got there without some sort of furniture nearby to pull up on (maybe she used Brooklyn?) she started walking! AAAAAHHHHH! After she lost her balance and plopped on the floor I awarded her with many hugs and kisses and "yay"s. I was thinking we'd at least make it to 10 months before she started walking...she's just over 9. Crazy. Anyway, I'll post some more pics of Natalie with her cousin Brooklyn whenever I get to a computer and can download them. Adios!


Joy said...

That's so awesome, congratulate Natalie for me :)!!

Kishpaugh Family said...

AAHHH! SHE WALKED!!! That's it. No more practice for Ava! All I can say is at least Natalie has the best mommy on the planet; there is no way I would be able to handle a walking baby right now:) HAVE FUN!!!!!

the terrys said...

WOW! Walking at 9 months. Impressive.

She is way cute. It'd be fun to get all four girls together sometime.