Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Learning to walk

So Natalie is getting closer and closer to learning how to walk. It's crazy. I'm sure she still has a month or two before she's doing it on her own, but she's cruising and spending long periods standing on her own. I'm going to attempt a video on here so you can see. My little baby is growing up! Sniff.

So as many of you know, we are trying to rent out our house so we can move in with my parents and save money for law school. We have had our house on the mark et for a month now, and we're hoping that magical person shows up soon who will want to rent it! Yesterday we got a call from our realtor that someone was going to come look at the house between 12 and 1 today. So last night Mark and I spent time cleaning carpet spots, packing boxes, wiping down mirrors, and moving stuff into the garage to make our house look emptier and bigger. This morning I spent several more hours cleaning and wiping down and organizing (as well as taking care of Natalie, the wonder baby who does not nap on the days mommy really needs her to). So 12 rolls around....then 1, and this person hasn't shown up. Arrrrg! Now it's 2:30 and still, they haven't come. bummer! To look on the bright side of things though, at least my house is clean. Now I can sit here and post on my blog without feeling guilty. :-)

We got our backyard "landscaped" aka "covered the ground with decorative rock" so we don't have a backyard full of dirt for potential tenants. Devin, the expert rock guy (his summer job was shoveling rock) came over to help. Thanks Dev! It looks much nicer now and it was just in time too--the next day someone came and looked at the house.

Well, ta ta for now!


Stock Family said...

Are you guys moving? How come I didn't know?

the terrys said...

man, natalie is going to walk sooner than you think! she's doing very well. how old is she? you know, as i was reading your blog and you were going on about the prospective tenant coming and how you spent hours cleaning, i was thinking "they aren't going to show up". that always happened to us as we were trying to rent out our apartment. so i say, get used to it, but good luck!!!