Saturday, September 29, 2007

I love Relief Society!

Well, today being the day of the big broadcast, it was naturally a day full of RS stuff. This morning my stake had a morningside with a light breakfast (which turned out to be HUGE cinnamon rolls and grapes...I had to make a decision--is a cinnamon roll a treat or not? I settled for one without icing) and a presentation about body image and how society places pressure on women to have perfect bodies. It was interesting, they showed pictures of models before and after they have been airbrushed, and it was SUCH a difference. Never believe those pics you see in magazines, it's all fake fake fake. Then tonight I went to my moms' (my mom and Mark's mom) stake dinner and watched the broadcast with them. It was so great. I think the RS broadcast is my favorite part of conference. The feeling of sisterhood is so strong. And President Monson's talk was just amazing, was it not? I love that man. Now I'm all in the mood for General Conference next week!

Natalie has not been acting herself for some parts of the day. She has been randomly being very still and not happy (usually her arms are flapping wildly and she's smiling). She even was laying still for her diaper change, a definite sign that something is not right because usually I have to wrestle her into her diapers. So I figured it was teething and gave her some Tylenol before bed. I hope she feels better tomorrow! This is how she fell asleep in church the other day. She's so cute! I came out of Sunday School and walked all around till I found Mark, who had paced the halls until she was asleep (a rare occurance at church).


Stock Family said...

She looks like she's pondering something...Both Slade and Daisy fell asleep during sacrament today and Skylar had to wake Slade up to go home!

Josh said...

President Monson's talk was the best ever! I really like when he said something like, "Do not pray for tasks equal for your abilities, pray for abilities equal to your tasks and then your success will not be the miracle; you will be the miracle." I probably messed it all up, but yay! I am finally am on your blog-thing! It took me soooo long to get on because um, I don't know. bye!

Josh said...

oh, I am not JOSH!!! I am kt.