Sunday, September 16, 2007

I have arrived...

Yes, I am officially a blogger. I'm trying to figure it all out...if anyone wants to give me lessons, let me know! I promise the page will look prettier as I learn more. :-)

We had an interesting week. On Monday evening after Natalie had gone to bed, we noticed that our air inside our house was unusually warm. We knew something was not right when we saw that the thermostat read 85 degrees! We called the AC company's after hours line, and they sent someone out the next day. Meanwhile we put a fan in our bedroom and tried to get a good night's rest. The next morning the temp was 89. Ew. Anyway, the guy found out the problem and ordered us a new part, but it took until FRIDAY to arrive. So we packed up and slept at my parents' house Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. We are so glad that they are so kind to let us stay there!

I had a recital for my piano and flute students yesterday. It was so fun! The kids had practiced so hard and everyone played so well. I was proud. We held it at a local piano store that has a recital "hall" in it so we had to deal with a few piano customers "trying out" pianos during the songs. It was slightly noisy but didn't last the whole time. kudos to the kids whose songs were interrupted by random chords. They did great!

So I'm going to figure out how to put pics on here and I'll put some of Natalie for your viewing pleasure. She is 8 1/2 months old now and loves to explore everything she can. She crawls all around the house and climbs on anything she comes across. We finally bought a gate for the bottom of the stairs since she can climb them surprisingly fast these days. If she's not napping during my lessons she's exploring the living room, so that gate will make things easier for me.

Mark was throwing out some old socks (old but clean!) and decided to throw them onto Natalie. She was enjoying an eyedrop container and didn't even notice that she was covered in laundry!

Natalie is helping her aunt Katie open her birthday presents. She is going to love all the wrapping paper on Christmas morning!


Jennie said...

What a sweet little blog! It'll be fun to visit this and keep updated! Good job Alisa and your baby is adorable!

The Burnhams said...

Way to go Alisa!! I am so excited to see you in the blogging world:) Someday, I can show you a couple of things I have learned about blogging... I'm not all that great though! Welcome and I can't wait for more!
Love Karlie

Tom said...

Hi I am Tom. I am stuck in this blogosphere world. I am an old grandparent who doesn't know what Google is. I am excited to visit the Simonson Blog in the future. You guys make a nice couple and you made a nice baby.