Friday, September 21, 2007


So we are babysitting Mark's cousins for most of this week while their parents are out of town. The kids are 13, 9, 6, and 4 and we really love and admire their family, so we were naturally really excited to babysit. It has been so fun! We are really getting to know those kids much better. Today was the third day and let me tell you, I forgot what it's like to be around kids all the time! Kids need reminding to do chores, tease each other occasionally, dawdle when it's almost time to leave for school, and let's not forget the comments that inevitably happen with a babysitter: "But my mom always lets me do that" and "That's not how my mom does it!" Mark and I just shrug and remember that we did the same thing when we were little. You know how you always tried to get away with stuff when Grandma was watching you? "Yes, my mom always lets me eat huge bowls of ice cream right before bed" when it was actually a one time experience a year ago when you were on vacation. It's so interesting being on the other side of things! Their mom has these cool job charts that they are supposed to follow and for the most part they do their jobs well and timely. It makes me excited to do that sort of thing someday in my family! These kids will be good examples for ours. We especially like hearing them practice the piano and sing songs. It's like a picture of what we want our family to be like in 10 years or so. What fun!

Natalie is having a blast playing with the kids. They are so loving and sweet to her and love to make her laugh. We played outside last night and Natalie got to try out some new toys. She really liked swinging and riding in the little car. Babysitting has been fun, and it has made us grateful for the fact that kids come one at a time (for the most part) and that you get to adjust to each new addition. If beginning a family meant suddenly having 4 or 5 kids to take care of, there would be a lot less families around! Taking care of kids is a huge job. There's so much to remember with homework, chores, medicine, baths, practicing, and meals and on top of all that you have to somehow figure out how to fit in scripture study, prayer, family home evening, church activities, etc. Whew! I have a new appreciation for my mom and all other moms out there! And I thought it was a lot of work with one will seem like a vacation after this!