Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Small successes

I decided to post the small successes of the day since it was a difficult one and I'm feeling particularly overwhelmed.

  • I took a shower
  • Hannah took a 3 hour nap during which I had quality time with Natalie
  • I made dinner, even if it was just pancakes
  • Natalie went potty on the toilet, even though I told her to just go in her diaper since I was not feeling up to the whole process
  • I exercised
  • I talked with one of my best friends on the phone tonight who lives in another state
  • I ordered my free shutterfly photo book

It will get easier. It will get easier. It will get easier. Goodnight.


Maggiehovey said...

I'm gonna start Zeke potty training soon. Good for you for your list of successes.
It will get easier. You're doing great. In this particular moment though, child #3 is so far in the back of my mind it will take several months to resurface.

Katie said...

Where do you get all of these free photo books? Why don't I have one?

Take a deep breath - you're a great mommy!

Erin said...

I'm sorry to hear you had a rough day! Do you need me to bring some chocolate over? Sugar and fat free of course!