Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year's resolutions

If you thought this was going to be a bulleted list, you were wrong. I am a fan of goal-setting, and naturally the new year brings this out in me. I mulled over what I was going to resolve to do and came up with a big list of things--if I were to accomplish them all, I'd be perfect! Yesssss. I would keep my house clean, be up to date on my blog, have emergency prep stuff all ready to go, my recipes organized, exercise daily, eat healthy food and very little processed sugar/carbs, be diligent in my preschooling of Natalie, never watch tv again, filing neat and tidy, my garden producing food, work on my genealogy, attend the temple more, and only look at facebook once a week. Soooo with all that floating around in my head I procrastinated the goals. Once my birthday hit last week I had decided to simplify and choose two things to work on personally. They are:

  • Read my scriptures every day
  • Keep my kitchen clean
Yes folks, that is it. I'm all about tackling small goals and feeling good about doing well at them. My kitchen has been mostly glorious and sparkly since Jan 1 and my scriptures are being opened more than they used to. Feels good. I'll get to those other things here and there, a little at a time.

As for weight loss goals, it's kind of on the bottom of my list at this point, haha. Once this baby pops out, it will become a priority!


Emily said...

There is sooo many things we that call our attn and it often feels overwhelming to think of all that could be on the "goal list". I have to say, that is a GREAT list. Those 2 things seem to be high on the list of things that make me happy when I do them and unhappy when I let it slip. Way to keep it simple. Love it.