Sunday, February 3, 2008

The strongest person I know

So my dear mother-in-law, Karen, is hurtling a new challenge. After being admitted to the hospital a week and a half ago and after countless tests, she received the news that she is battling lymphoma. The good news is that it is a highly curable type of cancer and she began chemotherapy immediately. She did well with the first round and came home today to rest and recover. She has 5 more rounds to go with three weeks between each treatment. I was able to take some turns sleeping at the hospital with her and I have gotten to know and love her even more. She is truly amazing and such a great example to me. Tough situations have faced her before, and she always comes through and she will beat this just as she has other challenges. We love her so much.

And another cool thing--after a week and a half in the hospital her hair was still poofy and cute! Mine would have been matted down and greasy. :-) Go Mom!


The Burnhams said...

Hi sister!
I finally have a second to comment on your WAY CUTE blog! I love the changes:) I have been praying so hard for Karen. Boy, is she a trooper! She has gone through more than anyone I know. Your'e a good daughter to help her and stay with her. I hope you and Natalie and Mark are all doing well. I love how Natalie has her little opinion now!! How cute! Your hair looks so cute curled, by the'll have to do it when you see us sometime-OK? Hope you have a good day...I'll call you if I go to my mom's (for a while) this week!
Love, Karlie

Josh and Heather said...

We too have Karen in our prayers - please let her know that we are all thinking about her and pass along our love! You are such a good DIL! :)

Rob, Marisa, & Amirra said...

I'm so sorry to hear that about your mother-in-law. We hope everything goes good.

the terrys said...

your m.i.l.'s name is Karen? that's interesting!