Friday, February 20, 2009


We didn't do much since Mark is always studying, but I did get the girls dressed all Valentiney. Aunt Melanie got Hannah this little heart shirt and she looked so cute!

And for kicks and giggles:Natalie liked being all dressed in pink hearts. She got to spend the morning over at Grandma Simonson's house making heart sugar cookies and having a "tea" party.
Here's the best pose of her that I got. She was not about to stand still for me!
After we put the kids to bed we had plans to go and get some gelato. However, we attended an open house that night for my cousin Travis who left on his mission this past week and ate WAY too many treats there, so we just did the grocery shopping together instead. Romantic, I know. But it was fun b/c it reminded us of when we were first married and went grocery shopping together every time. I remember thinking we would always do that together and not become the mom who has to go shopping with her kids. haha! I was so young and naive. Tee hee.


Maggiehovey said...

I'm spoiled because for the most part, Matt stays home with both of them while I go buy groceries. It may be a relatively undesired chore, but it is some "me" time I covet each week.