Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy list

1. Attending the Lamb of God concert last night. EVMCO, the orchestra/choir that I play in, performed the newest Rob Gardner work. It was utterly amazing. I didn't end up playing for it because there weren't enough flute parts (Rob brought his own flutist). I was ok to listen though. Out of this world. I highly suggest buying the CD. My sister Melanie is in the choir.

2. My kids playing together. Natalie used to be able to stretch out completely on the stairs. I just bought her a new shirt that fits her great and it is size 6X! Anyway, hearing them laugh and squeal together while I can do some mommy time just makes me grin.

3. Cool mornings. Yes, I said the word cool actually referring to the weather. I open the windows and burn my favorite fall candle, pumpkin pie, and pretend that it really is fall. AND get this--cold water comes out of the tap.

4. Going shopping for new clothes. I've been holding back all summer and contributing my lesson money to our general family fund, but I was able to use my August and Sept money for my own purposes and actually bought some clothes!!! Mark just doesn't understand what that does for a woman, particularly me. Especially after holding back for sooooo long.

5. Violin lessons. It's hard but I really love it. I'm always amazed when my fingers remember where to go. Ha.

6. Having energy to cook dinners again. Still need occasional naps, but energy level is definitely improving.


MP Flory said...

I love Rob Gardner too! I think I have all his CD's but not this latest one. Great stair shot! i'm going to copy that!

Emily said...

Loving this happy list. And loving the fact that violin made it on the list :)