Sunday, September 5, 2010


Our friends Lucas and Jenny Sheppard invited us to stay at their parents' cabin in Lakeside (by Pinetop-northern AZ) for a few days. We drove straight there after our Snowflake day. Fun was had by all, and the beauty was magnificent. It was so awesome to get out of the heat, enjoy rain, relax around the house with nothing to do, take walks around the neighborhood, and chat with our friends and each other. What a much needed vacation!! Tons of pictures for this one, beware.

The Sheppard twins, Ava and Brynlee. They are Natalie's age and she was thrilled to have them to play with.
My sweeties hanging out on the porch swing.

See the beauty? Behind us, that is. Just wait. There's more.

We even donned jackets, yes, jackets. My girls were like, what are these?

They insisted on wearing the hoods at all times.

Right before she fell off. Guess she's not ready for the big girl swing yet. But the baby one was being used by a dog. As in, the dog was swinging. ha!

Natalie on the tire swing.

Before they really knew what joys could be had from swinging in circles super fast. The smiles got much bigger once they did.

Girls decorated cupcakes out on the porch one lovely evening.

Behold, the beauty. And this is not even edited yet. Can't wait to find time to do some processing!

The dads and their girls. Lucas and Mark have been friends since high school. Or before that. Not sure exactly.

So glad I caught this little shot.

More beauty. Can't wait to do stuff to this one too.

An edited shot.

Another one I enhanced, but only slightly. It really was that green.

I definitely want to do this trip again!!


Emily said...

Sooooo beautiful. Seeing this makes me feel just a little less hot.

Parker and Alexis said...

Beautiful photos!