Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bath time!

Natalie is just so cute when she takes baths. I had to take some pictures!

Eagerly anticipating her bath. She loves watching the tub fill with water and tries to touch it with her hands.
She's miffed that I'm taking pictures instead of getting her into the water!
Finally, joy in the water! Love the crazy morning hair.

Isn't this adorable? I love it. Right after I took this she started eating the faucet.
Drying off...brrr, it's cold!
Reading her beloved books. She LOVES stories and could barely wait to get dressed to read the story.
I love her smell so much right after the bath. Yum! Ta ta for now, folks.


the terrys said...

when daphne waits there naked for a bath, she always shivers, and then pees. so we don't do that much anymore. i have to take her diaper off and put her right in. hey, natalie looks a little like tom and katie cruz's daughter- suri.