Sunday, November 4, 2007

New church time

So ever since we moved here (June of '06) we have enjoyed the fact that we have church for only 2 1/2 hours. Our stake is large and there are not enough buildings, so they reduced the meeting times and crammed 5 wards into each building. Well, we just got a new stake center and we have more today we're back to 3 hour church. It's also from 2-5, a new time for us. Mark and I are twiddling our thumbs, wondering what to do until church time. It's always a different feeling when most of your day falls BEFORE church, instead of after. Like it feels like you can't get anything done because you haven't been to church yet. But at least we're both showered and ready for the day at 9am. :-) We're hoping Natalie lasts three hours. She'll miss her afternoon nap but maybe she'll sleep during church.

Natalie is walking all around the house now. I wonder if that makes her a "toddler" since she toddles or is she still a baby since she's under 1 year? At Target I've noticed her size (12mo) is with the toddler stuff, so maybe she is a toddler now. Sniff. Where did my little baby go? Maybe that's why I love nursing her so much--she seems like a baby when she's nursing. I've added some cute little pics of her looking like a big girl.

That's all for now, folks. Till next time!


Crystal said...

They grow up so fast sometimes :( I remember feeling sad when Braden became a "toddler" (he started walking pretty early too), but now it's time for him to be potty trained, and I want him to grow up faster. I guess I just need to let them grow at their own pace and enjoy every bit of it. Natalie is so dang cute!