Sunday, November 11, 2007

My cute little girl

We got a gift card to BabyGap from a good friend back when Natalie was born. I decided to wait and use it when she got older since she had PLENTY of newborn stuff. So yesterday Grandma Simonson, Natalie, and I were at the mall and I bought Natalie a little dress with the gift card. It is an 18mo size, so it's slightly big, but hopefully she'll be able to wear it for a relatively long time. I bought a little shirt from Walmart to go underneath, and voila! A beautiful little gal. Behold for yourself:

Don't worry, this is an unused toothbrush. Ignore her drool spots. The dress looks long, but it's really just past her knees.
Tired out from all the pictures.
This is her puckered lip face that happens when she chews with her front teeth.
Laughing at daddy who is peeking out from behind the pantry door.
mmmmmm, cheese!

While we were at the mall we also rode the carousel. It was so fun! Natalie liked it, I think. She was a little nervous at first though. She started making gleeful noises during the actual ride, so I think it was a success! Grandma Simonson has a lifetime free pass for as many people as she wants, so we rode for free. I must be getting too old for that thing--I was a little queasy all day afterward!

Uhhh, I'm not too sure about this!

Eeeeek, what's going on?!

Well that's it, folks. Til later!


Jennie said...

She is so cute! I love going to the mall with Afton looks like you guys had fun! We'll have to do a mall trip together or maybe a San Tan Village trip! Those distored pictures of you you guys is really funny!

The Burnhams said...

Hey Alisa!
I just got caught up on your blog...oh, the adventures! The zoo was so fun, those distorted pictures are hilarious, and I can't believe there is a couple in Australia named Mark and Alisa!! How great:) I heard Mark is sick...I hope he feels better soon. Let me know if I can do anything.
Love Karlie

Anonymous said...

What a cute, little dress for a cute, little girl! I love buying clothes for Griffin and have a hard time controlling myself! I love her bath pictures. She is such a doll!

the terrys said...

daphne has that shirt from walmart too. cute dress!

Rachel Cunningham said...

Cute pictures! We missed you guys yesterday at the Hatch party. Hey, we changed our blog to private and I had your e-mail at one point but now I can't find it. So e-mail me at and I'll send you an invite. Thanks!