Monday, November 5, 2007

Our date

We went on a fun, cheap date the other night. Natalie went to sleep at 7:30 and Grandma Simonson stayed to watch her while we headed off to Del Taco. We enjoyed some free food thanks to Dad Simonson (gift certificates) and then went to tour the new San Tan mall which is really close to our house. It was neato, lots of fancy schmancy stores. We ooohed and aahhhed over adorable yet currently unaffordable baby clothes and spiffy purses. There is a fountain sort of in the ground that shoots water unpredictably into the air, and kids can come in their swim suits to play in it. We'll take Natalie next summer. The most fun part of our date was when we went to the Apple store and looked at all the neat gadgets. There was a computer set up to take and distort pictures of shoppers. We took some and I captured a few on the cell phone. We were laughing so hard! I'll include some here for your viewing pleasure.

That's Mark's bicep, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, it was a fun night. Ta ta for now!


Crystal said...

Ha ha! I love it. Cheap dates are so under-rated. I think it is so enjoyable to get creative and really remember that it's not WHAT you are doing, it's WHO you are doing it with! I love the Mac pics :)

the terrys said...

that sounds exactly like a good ol' "terry date" to me. we do that stuff ALL the time, as i'm sure you'll find out when you guys head off to law school! mmmm del taco- one of the things michigan doesn't have that i miss!

Rob, Marisa, & Amirra said...

Don't you love cheap dates. :) Your pictures are so funny. We need to get together sometime. :) Have a geat day!