Friday, November 9, 2007

The Zoo

Yesterday Natalie and I went to the zoo with Judy, Kathy, Jennie, Karlie, Afton, Brig, Megan, and Evan (some of Mark's aunts and cousins). We had such a fun time! Here are some pics of our adventures.

On our way in. Don't we look excited?
Giraffes. Melanie will be so jealous. They were very....big. Natalie was more interested in her toy. I liked them though!
We took a train ride around the zoo. Natalie wiggled a lot.On the train. Natalie is wiggling....and appears to be holding a piece of licorice. I swear I didn't give her any.
We played in a fountain. Here Natalie is being brave and getting close to a bubbly hole.

She got splashed! What a face!

Pause for a little snack. I sell these covers, if anyone's interested. Handy dandy for places like the zoo! She likes to play with my hair while she's nursing--see if you can spot her hand.

She loved the ducks. Here we are--AT THE ZOO--and she wants to play with the ducks. Next time we'll go to the park. She's being all bashful and shy as the duck gets closer.

More duck chasing.

It was such a fun day and we can't wait to go again! Next time hopefully daddy can go with us. He had work that day. I was exhausted from chasing her around...I'm not used to having a walking baby. At least when she was crawling I still carried her everywhere. Now she is not content to hang out in her stroller for very long. Thanks Judy for taking us to the zoo!!!


The Simonsons said...

By the way, I figured out that Natalie is really holding an orange plastic fork in that one pic, not licorice! :-)