Monday, October 8, 2012

Snow in July?

 The Phoenix Zoo has a snow day every year, and since this year Katie and Ryan have a season pass they invited us along to play in some snow. Ok, I will NEVER do this again. It was SO. DANG. HOT. First of all, the parking lot was full so we had to park in this alternate lot half a mile away or so. Then we had to walk across busy roads and through a path that led to the zoo through some desert landscaping and over bridges built over dry dirt. We had only a couple bottles of water and we drank them so fast. It reminded me of this other time we went to the fair and I had to push the stroller a very long way in hot weather. At least I wasn't preggo this time around!
 So by the time we got there {pant, pant} there was just a little hard packed snow left in some patches on a lawn. We only found one lonely little glove in our house that morning so Hannah was the lucky recipient.
 The kids liked the snow though, but they were confused, I'm sure. Why on earth is this giant ice cube sitting on this grass? Lol. Without the surrounding "winter" that usually accompanies snow, it wasn't anything like real snow.
 They were good sports and tried to make some snowballs.

 After about 10 minutes of patting the ice, we decided to book it over to the splash pad. Way more fun!
 They got nice and wet, then we high-tailed it back home. We were all sweaty and wilted by the time we got back to the car, but they were troopers and worked hard.
 Whew. Why do I live in AZ again? I always answer that question in the winter when the weather is more desirable!